Ask and you shall receive

Today my friend was learning to drive so I acted as the quasi-driving instructor.
“Ok, we need to change lanes here. Could you move into the right lane please?”
My friend put her right signal on, checked her blind spot for a couple of seconds, then turned her right signal back off.
“Why didja do that?”
“I saw a car in the lane so I turned off my signal.”
“Uh, but you need to change lanes right?”
“Yeah but when I had my signal on the car slowed down.”
“That’s coz he was giving way to you!”
“Yeah but I wasn’t comfortable that he was there…”
(At that point I was doing an internal face palm. I’m sure my eyeballs were bulging from my face.)
In reflection I asked myself:
How often do I find myself in the situation where I ask God for something, and then through sheer grace have my request granted… only to reject it because it isn’t quite in a form I am comfortable with?

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