Applying Kerry Gallagher’s ‘What If’s to Home Economics lessons

Today I searched Google for “considerations for putting student work on social media” and this is the first link that appeared. It was written by Kerry Gallagher. As sometimes happens with surfing the internet, I went down a little bit of a rabbit hole and landed up watching her TEDx talk:

Here are some of my take-aways from the video.

  1. Technology must enhance student’s learning (Ok, this is not new, but I feel it’s important to repeat to myself so that I don’t get caught up in just the hype of the technology.)
  2. Use digital quizzes for Assessment for Learning (AfL). When students can see where others are making mistakes, they feel less alone. Also, instant feedback is motivating.
  3. Technology enhances group work and allows everyone to work on areas that they are stronger in.
  4. Technology allows students to contact experts. Her students contacted creators of certain apps / online tools.
  5. Publish student work or allow students to publish their work – on blogs, on social media, etc. This makes the work meaningful for the students because they can gain recognition from others (as opposed to just doing work to obtain a grade).

How I can apply this to Food & Consumer Education / Food & Nutrition / Food technology lessons:

  1. Mantra: Technology must enhance student’s learning.
  2. Use quiz function in Student Learning Space for AfL. Though student’s cannot see other’s results, the students can get instant feedback and see immediately where they need to clarify their learning.
  3. Incorporate the use of technology for Sec 1 group projects. This allows for differentiation, ie, students can use their strengths to work on different aspects of the project.
  4. The Sec 3, 4 and 5 students contact chefs, food scientists, nutritionists or food entrepreneurs.
  5. Students to contribute to food blogs, YouTube channels and publish their recipes. Give students a specific # to use to share their food creations.

1 thought on “Applying Kerry Gallagher’s ‘What If’s to Home Economics lessons”

  1. What an excellent way of learning/teaching. More meaningful interaction between student and teacher. Also such a moral booster for any student.


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