24 Jan 2021 Garden Update

The first ladies’ finger didn’t grow so much this week, but the bud on the other plant bloomed and now there is a second ladies’ finger growing!

Ladies fingers plant 2

The second pot of ladies’ finger plants is also doing better now that the young plants are getting more sunlight. It’s interesting how a couple of the leaves are shaped so differently from the plants that are in the photos above.

I’m also pleased to say that the prayer plant is looking like it is happy. There are little shooty / rooty things growing out from the old leaf sheaths. I was a bit clumsy and broke the one in the photo right after I took it. Oops.


The spinach leaves have gotten bigger now that the pot is on the ledge where it gets more sunlight. I should have enough leaves to add to a dish soon!


Here are the kumquats I managed to harvest from our bush. I also have two limes! I hope to cook this down into a kind of syrup that I can use to mix with soda water.

Fish tail plant

Sadly, the fish tail plant suffered a shock from being transplanted. It’s dropped all its leaves except for the one pictured. It looks like there’s a new leaf growing to the right of it though. I’m keeping my finger’s crossed.

And finally here are my rescue plants for this week, a mint and a basil. The mint currently has tiny tiny leaves and looks like it’ll be a goner in another couple of weeks. The “soil” that it came in from the nursery was a weird cork-like stuff. My father said it was coconut peat and probably didn’t have much nutrients in it. It was the same for the basil. Unfortunately for the basil, it was also neglected so the stems have already turned woody. They’ve both been repotted into bigger pots with proper soil that’s been mixed with worm castings. Let’s see whether these two survive in the upcoming weeks.