18th April 2021 Garden Update

The heavy rained washed some of the soil off the roots of my bitter gourd plants so I topped up the planter. The eggplants growing at the bottom look quite happy but actually their growth is quite stunted because they don’t get much light. Am not sure why, but the stems of the bitter gourd vines are quite thin and weak looking.

My Kang Kong and other eggplants have a white fly problem. I’ve sprayed it with Neem oil so fingers crossed this will soon be a problem of the past.

Here are my new ladies finger plants looking beautifully happy!

The Indian borage got replanted next to the withering basil. I’m hoping it’s pungent leaves will keep the aphids away.

The watercress has also been replanted. It was growing in water and the leaves were beginning to grow out unusually small. Let’s see if the soil makes a difference.

I’ve also replanted the gotu kola cos it wasn’t looking too happy in its pot.

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