25th April 2021 Garden Update

The corn hasn’t grown much… hmm…

The gotu kola survived the transplant! Though it kinda looks like it’s shrunk.

The Indian Borage didn’t keep the aphids away 😔. You can see they’re attacking the tips of the basil because the ants do this weird thing of stuffing soil around them. Looks like I’ve got to find another way of keeping the aphids at bay.

Watercress leaves are definitely getting bigger after going into soil!

Here’s the top bit of the bitter gourd growing along the fence. Strangely all the bottom leaves near the soil have withered and turned black.

I collected some long bean seeds from a couple of pods that didn’t get harvested. Looking forward to planting these in future.

Here are the beginnings of my wing beans though they’re quite hard to make out here. I trimmed the plants in front to try and get more light to the beans.

There’s a hugeeeee banana flower growing about 2.5 m off the ground. It’s about a foot long.

This has nothing to do with the garden but my mum made a couple of beautiful loaves of bread in the “Tan Cheong” style. Apparently with this style of bread, a roux is partially cooked in the beginning before being added to the rest of the dough. This makes the bread retain moisture better and prevents it from going stale quickly. I have to say I really really really enjoy eating this bread. It’s soft like commercial bread but without all the preservatives and Mum used organic flour.

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