Frozen Pizza Taste Test

I LOVE pizza so gave some frozen ones a go. These were the ones available at the NTUC near my place. The Plank and the Pizza Tradizionale one are supposed to be the fancier types and the Dr Oetker Ristorante one is just your run of the mill frozen pizza I guess.

Here’s what they look like out of the box.

Thankfully I’m not a professional blogger cos I forgot to take a photo of the first two pizzas when they came out of the oven, LOL! But as you can see, the fancy Dr Oetker one has pretty bright looking veges on it while the Ristorante one has some nice appetizing browning. The Plank one looked pretty good too I gotta say.

Now taste wise they were all pretty alright. The Plank one was a touch on the sour side, like the tomatoes they used for the sauce weren’t quite ripe or something. There was some green-herby-pesto looking thing but I couldn’t really taste it. The Dr Oetker Tradizionale one was more balanced in flavour… and what I mean by that is that they put more sugar into the sauce. The Dr Oetker Pizza one was my favourite taste wise, mushroomy and cheesy in the way I was expecting!

As for crusts… Plank’s Sour Dough crust and Dr Oetker’s Pizza Tradzionale crust had lots of air pockets and had a good chew. The Dr Oetker Ristorante, on the other hand, really did have a thin and crispy crust as was stated on the box. It was like a cracker which I’m not in to. When I eat pizza, it’s gotta have some good bread-y crust! None of that low-carb nonsense!

So the verdict? I’d defo buy the Dr Oetker ones again but would probably give the Plank ones a miss.

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