Corrective and Suggestive Feedback

At work, we’re considering the type of feedback to give and when to give it for coursework subjects.

There are generally two types of feedback – Corrective and Suggestive.

Corrective feedback is a type of performance feedback which is given to students to help them improve performance.

On the other hand, suggestive feedback is advice given to a student to help them improve or expand on ideas.

Here is where I think the different types of feedback should be applied for NFS coursework:

Corrective feedback

Research: Keywords for Research have been left out

DM: Students have not made decisions based on existing Research; Recipes chosen do not have sufficient skills

IA: Procedures are incorrect (i.e., current procedures outlined by students will make experiment invalid)

P: Steps for recipes have been left out

E: Areas that need to be evaluated have been omitted

Suggestive feedback

Research: To increase the amount of information on a particular keyword/phrase

DM: To increase the number of decisions on dishes to increase the suitability to coursework question

IA/P: To increase efficiency of experimental procedure / Overall cooking plan of 3 dishes

E: To increase the areas that student has evaluated e.g. Ask student to evaluate the colour of the dish in addition to the texture.

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