Technology and feedback

  1. Technology provides the accessibility to peer feedback at the time when it influences the performance

In Nutrition & Food Science coursework at the Sec 3 level, coursework can be done on Google Docs which would make the project accessible to the students at the same time. While the students are typing, peers can provide feedback. This would be applicable to all parts of the coursework that need to be typed out e.g. Research, Decision Making, etc.

More specifically in the Research section, when students are gathering information and summarising it for their project, peers can provide feedback as to whether the gather information is relevant. That is, the students will give each other feedback based on the following question “Can the information provided help the student make a meaningful decision that will move the project forward?”

Students must always be given time to reflect, digest and then work on the feedback that is given. How much time and when the time is given is important. For example, would it be more useful for students to be given the time to work on the feedback immediately or the day after?

The teacher must consider whether the feedback given by the peer can be as good as what the teacher can give. The feedback given must also be able to be used by the student.

More to come on Technology and Feedback in the coming weeks! Stay tuned…

1 thought on “Technology and feedback”

  1. Good reflections. You had capture the key point of time and usability of feedback. Refers to the assessment rubrics in coursework which include “a wide range of sources”, you can ask students to provide suggestive feedback on what other sources of information is needed to strengthen their peer research.

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