Saving water, energy and time in the kitchen

Here are some of the things I have observed students doing that waste water, energy and time in the kitchen: Letting the tap run while they are soaping utensilsUsing small pots and pans over large burnersNot covering pots when they trying to boil Over filling pots with water for boilingPreheating ovens much too earlyHaving a… Continue reading Saving water, energy and time in the kitchen

Padlet for teaching Home Economics

In a Food Technology or Home Economics classroom, a Padlet can be a great way for students to gather all their ideas on a food topic. It can also serve as a record of their learning. Students can be assigned their own board or collaborate on a single board. Here is an example I've made… Continue reading Padlet for teaching Home Economics

Everyone Should Learn To Cook

I believe everyone should learn to cook. In his book 'Cooked', Michael Pollan very nicely outlined the reasons why we should all learn, which I have summarised to be: We should all learn to cook because it improves health and general well-being.makes the food system healthier and more sustainable.helps us to achieve a greater degree… Continue reading Everyone Should Learn To Cook