Pangolin Conservation Dinner

This dinner came about because I wanted to do something about biodiversity loss with whatever skills, talent, knowledge and ability I had. It happens that I can cook, I like holding dinner parties and I’m an educator, so I mushed those three things together and voila, The Pangolin Conservation Dinner was born! It’s sort of a cross between private dining and a conservation education session minus the sad stuff that makes you cry and hate humanity.

If you’re wondering why I’m focusing on Pangolins, firstly, all 8 species of Pangolin are either critically endangered or vulnerable (that is, they’re at risk of extinction). Secondly, they’re the most trafficked animal on earth. And thirdly, Sunda Pangolins are native to Singapore!

That really blew my mind when I found that out. Such a fascinating animal and I didn’t even realise they existed in our nature reserves!

Here are some things about the Pangolin Conservation Dinner…

  1. My guests learn about Pangolins.
  2. The food is Pangolin inspired and vegetarian.
  3. I’ve made an effort to minimise waste from the dinner as much as possible. For example, I shop for the veg at the wet market to minimise packaging waste and I vermi-post the scraps.
  4. During dinner, guests are invited to consider aspects of the Pangolin which are similar or dissimilar to themselves and to have a conversation about it.
  5. The dinner supports Singapore conservation organisations through donations made by the guests.
  6. You get to meet a couple of live “pangolins”.

If think you’d like to host your own Pangolin Conservation Dinner, put your name and email address below. I’ll pass you my materials.