I’ve been asked, “If you’re aunty two, who is aunty one?” Well, there is no ‘aunty one’. When my best friend’s son learnt to talk, he called me ‘aunty diu’. Now, if you know anything about Cantonese, you’ll know that ‘diu’ is not a nice thing to be called, so I figured I’d just change that to ‘two’ and I’ve been using that ever since.

My real name is Xiu Ping. Pronounced ‘See-you Ping’. It means ‘Duckweed’. My father picked the name out of a Chinese name book and thought that it meant ‘beautiful flower’ (he obviously knows nuts about Mandarin). I used to joke that with that name, he unwittingly cursed me with my petite stature. More rightly though, I think the name cemented my love for almost all things botanical.

Here are some other things about me:

  • I call Singapore and Perth, Australia home. I love both places.
  • I love (in no particular order) vegetables, dogs, chocolate, plants and personal finance
  • I hate waste and litter bugs

I use this space to write my musings on random things, and hopefully you will find some of it entertaining. Thanks for dropping by!

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