The name given to me by my father is ‘Xiu Ping’. That’s pronounced ‘See-you Ping’. My father picked the name out of a Chinese name book thinking that it meant ‘beautiful flower’. Google translate tells me that it means ‘duckweed’. Perhaps that is why I am so petite in stature.

AuntyTwo on the other hand, is the moniker given to me by my bff’s son. I thought it was funny so I let it stick. If you’re wondering, ‘Who’s Aunty One?’ Well the answer is, no one.

Here are some other things about me:

  • I call Singapore and Australia home. I love both places.
  • I love (in no particular order) foooooood, just about everything botanical, dogs and animals, chocolate, beer, bouldering, cycling and personal finance.
  • I hate waste of all kinds. A waste of time, a waste of potential, a waste of resources, etc. In particular, I hate it when meat is wasted, because I feel it is disrespectful to the animal that gave up its life.

I use this space to write my musings, more for me than for anyone else. But having said that, if you’ve happened to drop by, I hope whatever you read here brings you joy, hope or inspiration.

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