Padlet for teaching Home Economics

In a Food Technology or Home Economics classroom, a Padlet can be a great way for students to gather all their ideas on a food topic. It can also serve as a record of their learning. Students can be assigned their own board or collaborate on a single board.

Here is an example I’ve made on chocolate in the ‘Canvas’ mode.

Made with Padlet

Another way of using the ‘Canvas’ mode in Padlet is to create a mind-map. I think this could be especially useful when doing Food and Nutrition projects.

Made with Padlet

Once the student is done, it can be downloaded as a picture, a PDF file with links, or an Excel file which can become part of a student’s portfolio.

This year I made a Padlet for each group of Home Economics students I have and get them to note three things they’ve learnt at the end of every lesson. I like that they get to see what was important from the lesson for their friends. They also have a chance to encourage each other when you allow them to comment on each others’ posts.

Padlet gets a thumbs up from me for sure!

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